Ecuador - Diablada Pillareña - Galapagos Center
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Ecuador – Diablada Pillareña


Ecuador – Diablada Pillareña

City of Píllaro

This traditional festival takes place from 12.30 p.m. in the center of Píllaro. Members of the municipality and several tourism authorities are present.


There are participants who are get prepare well in advance for this event.


For example, members of the La Gallada dance group in the canton of Píllaro, a recognized group that takes part every year. Around 40 members in total taking part on the move, including the Píllaro dance school and the Rocafuerte neighborhood troupe.


Diablada pillareña-ecuador cultural events

Those who represent the character of the devil have their very own dance style and proudly show off their disguise. The move will be accompanied by local orchestras with traditional music.


About a participant in the Diablada Pillareña it is said; once a person takes part, they are bound to be back for twelve years in a row. The legend tells that otherwise the devils come to catch him.


The city of Pillaro is located just before the city of Ambato and can be reached from Quito on the South Panamerican Highway in about two hours. On the way there you can see the imposing mountains, Cotopaxi, Ilinizas, Corazon, Tungurahua, the Chimborazo and sometimes the Sangay.


It is definitely a special opportunity to learn more about the customs and traditions of the country of the four worlds. Another fun fact is, that when you talk about gastronomy, you can eat here a duck cooked in the mud.



In a future blog I will go more in detail about what the duck in the mud is.


Write by: Pedro Armendariz

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