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Amazon Basin

Get to know the real jungle, live and enjoy an impressive Achuar culture deep in the ecuadorian rainforest.


DAY 1:

Once at Shell, guests will be received by our Achuar representatives and will be assisted for the flight. The plane will rise over the immaculate pristine jungle, on a 50-minute flight, arriving at the landing strip of the
local Sharamentsa community. Lunch at Achuar Lodge. In the afternoon, we will have a quiet activity where guests can walk along one of the River beaches. At night after dinner, we will explore the River in search of noc- turnal animals such as monkeys, alligators and birds. All this coupled with a fantastic starry sky.


DAY 2:

Early morning: Our guides will escort guests on a 30 minute boat ride to reach one of the best natural attractions, the Claylick, where guests will see different species of parrots, macaws, and parrots such as the
Cobalt-Winged Parakeet, Chestnut- Fronted Macaw, Yellow Crowned Amazon. After breakfast guests can take a walk, approximately 2 hours with stops, where they will learn about medicinal plants of the area and tropical forest ecology. Lunch at the Communitary tourism Center of Sharamentsa. Time to rest. Afternoon: guests will be able to explore Pastaza river in a traditional balsa wood, while looking at the local wildlife such as the pink river dolphin. After dinner: guests can partake in a spectacular night walk, observing the many different kinds of
insects and amphibians that are found around the lodge.


DAY 3:

Early in the morning we are going to participate in “Guayusada” ceremony and dreams interpretation.
Breakfast and departure for a full day activities: our guides will escort guests along the Tsenkush o Kawau trail and visit Guanchanza waterfall, which in english means “golden parrot”. During this time guests can learn about the forest and its benefits for the Achuar people. Picnic lunch in the forest. After lunch: guests will visit one of the Achuar communities that is located close to the lodge. After Traditional Typical dinner: cultural activities (legends in hammock house, traditional greetings around a campfire) Guests will also be able to learn the art of
Achuar face painting and how it relates to their different activities.


DAY 4:

This day the guests could go to Birdwatching upstairs river or to go to the Claylick. Breakfast and departure for a full day activities: our guides will escort guests along the Waterfall trail. After lunch: guests will
visit an Achuar community. This is one of our most popular activities offered, because of the significant cultural contribution to the Achuar people. After a traditional typical dinner: cultural activities (legends, traditional greetings) Guests will also be able to learn and practice the art of Achuar face painting and how it relates to their different activities.


DAY 5:

Early morning: our guides will bring guests to specific points near the hotel, in order to locate various species of birds. Breakfast and preparation for departure. In the last few hours before departure from the Achuar territory, guests can participate in a blowgun contest to
demonstrate who is the best hunter among the guides and guests.

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Transport Quito – Shell – Quito

Airport tax $7,50 apiece

Community fee $25-
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Shell Flight – Achuar Lodge – Shell- Accommodation and food- Native Achuar Guide-
Transport in Wooden Raft- Transport in Canoa- Detailed excursion and fishing on itinerary-

Equipment. Water & Rubber and Poncho Boots Enjoys an impressive culture in the Ecuadorian

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