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Galapagos Center Expeditions

Post-Pandemic Tourism Reactivation

As in most countries in the world, coronavirus has caused an unprecedented crisis, which has been a major problem for the new era of globalization,...


Ecuador – Diablada Pillareña

City of Píllaro This traditional festival takes place from 12.30 p.m. in the center of Píllaro. Members of the municipality and several tourism authorities are present.   There...

Cocoa comes from ecuador

The history of this fruit has been linked to Ecuador for over 5000 years. From this time come the earliest evidence of its cultivation.   Until recently,...


Since Saturday June 16, la Cumbre volcano with 1476 meter above sea level which occupies the largest of Fernandina Island with 642 km2 of surface,...


Be a mother. A full-time job without pay, and that's why I just want to tell you one thing if you're a mother: Congratulations!   News: Galapagos Center...

Tomorrow Is Today !