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6 Reasons why you need to visit Ecuador

6 Reasons why you need to visit Ecuador

Ecuador is a country rich in wonders and there are many reasons why you need to visit.


Here are 6 reasons to start planning your trip:


Biodiversity: Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. In the Ecuadorian Amazon, you will find a tropical rainforest with a great variety of flora and fauna, including species in danger of extinction such as the jaguar, the ant bear, and the spider monkey. In the Galapagos region, you will find marine life unique in the world, such as marine iguanas and giant tortoises. In the Andes, you can observe a great variety of birds such as the Andean condor, as well as spectacular landscapes.


Culture: Ecuador is a country with a rich history and culture. The indigenous peoples have left an impressive cultural legacy, such as Ingapirca, which is considered the most important archaeological site in the country. You can also visit the colonial city of Quito, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which will transport you back in time with its historic buildings and paved streets.


People: Ecuadorians are friendly and welcoming. You will be surprised by the warmth of their people and their interest in sharing their culture and customs. They are also very enthusiastic about music, dancing, and partying, so you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy their company and have fun.


Tradition: Ecuador is very important, and it is reflected in their festivities and celebrations. For example, the Mama Negra festival in Latacunga, where the locals take to the streets in costume and sing in honor of the Virgen de las Mercedes. There is also the celebration of Inti Raymi, which is the festival of the sun in which an ancestral ceremony is held in honor of the summer solstice.


Gastronomy: The food in Ecuador is delicious and varied. You can try traditional dishes such as ceviche, locro de papas, churrasco, cuy and hornado. In addition, you can enjoy a great variety of tropical fruits such as guanabana, passion fruit, mango, and cherimoya, among others.


Landscapes: Ecuador has a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes. In Andes, you can enjoy impressive views of volcanoes and mountains, while on the coast you’ll find dreamy beaches. In addition, in the Galapagos region, you will find islands with unique landscapes, and animal and plant species found nowhere else in the world.


As you can see, there are many reasons to visit Ecuador. Its biodiversity, culture, people, tradition, gastronomy, and landscapes make it an unforgettable tourist destination. What are you waiting for to visit it?


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