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When’s the best time to visit Galapagos?

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When’s the best time to visit Galapagos?

Any time could be great to visit one of the most archipelagos in the world, but there are some periods better than others. A new year is beginning, and with it come all the most important tips you must know before visiting Galapagos islands!


Do you want to know when it’s the perfect time to visit Galapagos? Well, there’s a little spoiler: now it’s the best time! Check out all our recommendations to book as fast as you can, so you may enjoy the greatest moments in each one of the islands.


January to May: the sun shines and the drops start to fall

The best period to visit Galapagos is at the beginning of the year, from January to May, not only because of the weather, which is one of the most permanent periods through the entire year, but also because green turtles lay their eggs.


February, March and April: blossoming, breeding and nesting seasons

The weather is warm and the flowers start to blossom, so many land birds, tortoises and sea lions will breed or nest through these months. Are you addicted to beaches and all they mean? This is your period! Beaches are going to be hot spots for tourists to have a good time and refresh themselves on the crystalline waters of Galapagos.


June to November: cold winds and plankton

As the climate will be colder than ever, the sea will be plenty of food for some sea birds and penguins. This food is based on many nutrients and plankton, which will make an attractive view for those diving adventurers who prefer the cold underwater instead of the hot surfaces.


July: birds mate in Genovesa Island

In addition to these treats, short-eared owls and blue-footed boobies find the perfect time to mate in Genovesa, and there you can become a witness of their love!


August and September: cool season

Galapagos is still dry during these months, and it’s a good time to have a rest and observe how nature starts to change.


October to December: when the temperature rises

In October, temperature starts to rise until December, when giant tortoises find a great opportunity to hatch.

With Galapagos Center Expedition you can be part of the miracle of nature, which invites tourists to have the best of times each day of the year. Choose your favorite month and be part of these wonderful experiences now!

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