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Top 10 Good Reasons Why to Visit the Amazon Rainforest Ecuador

Top 10 Good Reasons Why to Visit the Amazon Rainforest Ecuador

There is a beautiful place in South America that amazes all tourists who are looking for adventure and natural magic at the same time: the Amazon Rainforest. And one of the best countries that share this basin is Ecuador.


Exotic animals, the best service, naturalist guides who will be with you all the time… Come with us and witness the power of this jungle! Here we show you 10 good reasons why you have to visit the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador:


1.The biggest, most assorted biodiversity in America

If you are a true animal lover, you are going to enjoy the many species of animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest. Some of them endangered, so be careful and treat them like you would do with your beloved ones!

  • Hummingbirds
  • Parrots
  • Monkeys
  • Frogs
  • Piranhas
  • And more!


2.The food is delicious!


Ecuador has the greatest tastes and the most tropical foods. No, if you don’t like insects or worms you won’t have to eat them! Our dishes are varied and you can choose the ones you prefer.


3.Ecuador is inexpensive


Here you will notice that having fun doesn’t have to be so costly. Your will see hundreds of species that will make your trip unforgettable!


4.There are the best lodges


Most of our lodges are natural reserves full of experienced people who believe in ecotourism. Each lodge and bungalow has the greatest accommodations and facilities for you to feel cozy!


5. Adventure for everybody!


Discover fossils, hear the frogs at night playing the best music, walk around the jungle, climb rocks, see the beautiful waterfalls, ride the rivers in canoes… stop being a tourist and feel like Indiana Jones discovering the most incredible treasures this place has for you!


6. Peace and relax to have a time-out


Nice hammocks are waiting for you, as well as a spa, thermal baths and relaxing sceneries that will make you forget the stress of your daily routines and the chaos of your city. Leave the rest behind!


7. Expert tour guides


These are people who were born in the forests, but know how to treat their clients to make them feel at home! They are bilingual guides who will help you at any time, guiding you around the whole jungle to have the best time of your life! Don’t ever leave them or you could lose in that big jungle!


8.The largest reserve of water and pure air


The Amazon is one of the last places on Earth to enjoy the delight of breathing pure air, free from pollution of any type, as well as the cleanest water reserves left on Earth.

9.People who live in the Amazon


Ecuadorians are the friendliest people! In the Ecuadorian Rainforest you will feel the warmth of our native communities, who will show you that being in the jungle is not uncomfortable.


10.What can you do there?


We offer many different activities for your entertainment:

  • Canoe riding
  • Bird watching
  • Forest Trails
  • Walking around the jungle
  • And much more fun!


There are many more reasons to visit the Amazon Rainforest Ecuador, and Galapagos Center Expedition will be your ally if you decide to have this adventure. Visit our webpage now!


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