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Top 10 Amazing Things you didn’t know about Galapagos Islands

Top 10 Amazing Things you didn’t know about Galapagos Islands

This gorgeous archipelago is one of the most visited spots around the world due to its many incredible reasons: exotic species, great sites to climb, snorkel and just walk, and more! See here some other curiosities and fun facts that will make you crave for the Galapagos Islands!

Yes, we all know this place because Charles Darwin was amazed with all the beauties that the archipelago shows, but there are some other points that will leave you with your mouth open:


1. A sanctuary for endemic species


Among the most unique species you will find in Galapagos there are:

  • Marine and land iguanas
  • Penguins
  • Sea Lions
  • Albatross
  • Sea cucumbers
  • Finches
  • Boobies
  • Mockingbirds
  • Flightless cormorants
  • Tortoises
  • And many more!


2. Learn some Spanish! You might need it

Apart from learning one of the most beautiful world languages, you will be able to communicate with most people in these islands, since most of them don’t speak English!

  • Make friends there, so if you want to go back maybe you won’t have to pay for a hotel: Ecuadorians are very friendly guys.


3. Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution

Only 5 weeks were needed by Darwin to study the whole habitats that gave him many clues to write his famous theory, found on his book “The Origin of Species”, which helped people understand how all the species evolve depending on their needs and surroundings.

  • There are many places and animals named after him, such as the Charles Darwin Research Center and the Darwin finch!


4.The best food is there!

As the archipelago is home to 800 species or more of mollusks (snails, squids, oysters…), you will enjoy the varied gastronomy that Galapagos can offer to all of its visitors. You will ask for the recipes for sure!


5. There are lizards that can swim…

Yes. Marine iguanas are the only lizard species that can swim, and they are found only in Galapagos.


6. … but birds that don’t fly?

Yes again! Apart from penguins, there’s a cormorant subspecies that cannot fly: the flightless cormorants.

These birds have grown so much that their weight does not allow them to fly. Wow!


7. This was a place for pirates and traders

Some of the sites in Galapagos are known for having been the hiding spots of pirates in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Many traders made a life by selling seal fur, tortoise fat, and hunting whales. This almost led these animals to extinction; that’s why the archipelago became a UNESCO World Heritage in 1978, to protect this natural sanctuary from evil purposes.


8. Why “Galapagos”?

This name was given to the archipelago after its most world-famous tortoises, the endemic and ancient Galapagos.


9. Lonesome George, the archipelago’s most famous resident

Lonesome George was not a person but the last giant Pinta Island tortoise. He was the rarest living creature on Earth and the biggest symbol of conservation.

  • Lonesome George died in 2012, being 100 years old, and was the only survivor of his species.


10. Choose a Galapagos Islands Yatch!

It is the best option if you want to visit all the places without taking some daily hours to travel from one place to another. You will be able to sleep while the cruise takes you from island to island.

  • Bring US dollars to pay for everything (including extra fees and tips); it is the Ecuadorian currency.
  • Take your motion sickness medication just in case you get sick inside the vessel. If you travel between islands, it’s better to travel by plane not to get so sick.
  • Search in advance what you would like to see in each island!

There are many more facts that will leave a good impression on you. Galapagos Islands are the greatest spot to enjoy the best of nature and peace, sharing with fearless animals that will make you happy and comfortable. Book now!

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