Sumaco Galeras Expedition 2020 - Galapagos Center
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Sumaco Galeras Expedition 2020

Sumaco Galeras Expedition 2020


JULY 25 2020 By Pedro Armendariz

We left the Kichwa Community knowing that we have to reach Sumaco Galeras National Park before the river floods again. Inevitably, the journey becomes more complicated and time-consuming, and forces me once more to adapt to the wet and damp Sumaco ecosystem.


Learning and Discovery

In many ways, the logistics have been horrendously complex, but our guides and staff always with strong energy change with magic the difficult of each step.

I think a lot about the relationships with the community and our staff, we trust them 100 % .

I studied the proposed trail and used my experience to try to figure out a better way going back if needs. It was often so bad that I had to ditch my pack, then short cut 50 meters or so ahead, then return for the packs, and then repeat the same thing over and over. Waiting for the Chorongo (Chichanda) guide was a long time during which he look for the right way to arrive in our camp area.


When we arrive after 6 hours walking the first thought we had was to start the encampment and find wood to start a fire. We been thinking like: Nobody will find us here, I said. We are deep in the Sumaco Galeras primary forest, and the river is our main guide location.


Rising waters in the forest

The seasonal torrential rain storms started in April and the rivers have risen early. We have arranged for three indigenous guides in the kichwa communities to walk with us for a while.


Caiman (Efrain)

Huge thank to Efrain our guide, who was incredibly patient when things were not going well. I will always remember him singing in his tent at night (his other passion). We will stay in touch for next expeditions along the Ecuadorian rainforest. Food, camp, fire, fishing, service, logistic everything was perfect, our adventurous pilot from Spain will remember the delicious rice you prepare for us during camping.

Every day we have been walking more than 5 hours to arrive to our next destination, walking by waterfalls and observing heavenly landscapes and lessening to parakeets, macaws, parrots, monkeys and endemic species of birds such as Gallito de la Peña and Pajaro Toro very typical birds of this territory.

We learned a lot about legends and stories around this area, we also learn some kichwa technics to survive deep in the forest and how to fish and hunt if is extremely necessary.

There is nothing I love more than going somewhere or doing something new and create experiences for next travelers, always improving and of course looking to be different and original. Most people think I am weird, but I am just wired differently. Whether it is traveling to a new place, city, country, trying a new experience, or meeting new people and friends, new experiences are my happy place and my work.

Everywhere each experience broadened my mind and changed my life. “It is what it is”

Many people get very caught up in the things they want, but the memories are what really count, in my personal opinion.

The people who spend money on experiences instead of things are happier than others. I have encountered thousands of people in my travels and work, and there is no doubt the people who “live life” are happier.

Tomorrow is today …


Galapagos Center Expeditions 2020





Tomorrow Is Today !


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