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Post-Pandemic Tourism Reactivation

Post-Pandemic Tourism Reactivation

As in most countries in the world, coronavirus has caused an unprecedented crisis, which has been a major problem for the new era of globalization, in which the main thing now is to consider and prepare for the new challenges facing the world economy in the short, medium, and long term.


Thus, tourism, one of the most productive sectors worldwide, has been affected by the great impact of COVID-19. Therefore, the tourism sector will need greater focus, care, and planning for an early recovery.


The pandemic has changed our lives, restrictions on travel and mobility, to the point of limiting tourism demand worldwide, from COVID-19 and the continued confinements, the tourism scenery is one of the most uncertain and at the same time, a big challenge for the tourism industry, since the ways of consuming will change because of suspicion, austerity, and doubt in terms of consumer decisions taking.




In Ecuador, the tourism industry was one of the most impacted by the pandemic, according to the Ministry of Tourism the income of the tourism sector from March to December 2020 was reduced by 58.9% compared to the same period of 2019, the decrease in revenue caused the closure of businesses and the firing of hundreds of workers.


Thus, more than a year after the pandemic, the recovery is progressing slowly, although by mid-2020 the authorities decided to re-open airports with international flights in Quito and Guayaquil, making it easier for tourists from abroad to enter the country.


Another measure taken for early recovery was the mandatory 14-day isolation of all people entering Ecuador, and the most recent measure taken by the Ministry of Tourism was established in June 2021 as the month of economic reactivation for the Galapagos Islands, based on mass vaccination of the entire population of the islands and the requirement to always travel and enter with a negative PCR test or carry a vaccination card.


For the rest of Ecuador, a speedy recovery is also expected in the tourism industry, so vaccination campaigns continue to advance, on the other hand, vaccination of tourism professionals began, and all people are being trained to provide the best experience under the new biosafety standards and quality service to all tourists.



Galapagos Center Expeditions


As a company, we are aware that the return of tourists must be gradual, and we must be positive so that the tourist reactivation returns soon.


We have to learn to survive in the difficulties as in the past years before the pandemic, we have to solve new challenges, use actions that allow us to solve the problems whether they are big or small, know how to manage these challenges to know which path to follow, and learn to overcome the crisis to know how we will be in the future, for now we know that we must create a sustainable and responsible travel experience, which is safe for both the host communities and the workers and travelers. We have now trained all our staff on the new biosecurity standards, such as mandatory use of face masks for travelers and guides during all public areas, hand sanitizers will be always available to travelers and staff, and mandatory social distancing during the entire travel experience.


This crisis was also an opportunity to relate tourism with nature, the environment, and the products that can be found in the different regions of Ecuador, one of the great projects that we have developed “CACAO EXPERIENCE GLAMPING – ECUADOR” a new private experience that offers housing and recreational activities in the middle of nature, with security and exclusivity, with an incomparable view of a great part of the Ecuadorian Amazon and some of its most emblematic rainforest ecosystems, just 2 hours and 30 minutes from Quito, a place where you can enjoy great biodiversity of flora and fauna, take advantage of the great comfort of our comfortable cabins where you will feel at home, with all the facilities, and you can also enjoy meals made with local organic products.



You can organize your trip in three different ways, where you will enjoy new adventures, discover new cultures, and learn about one of nature’s most unique experiences… the world of cocoa.



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