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Galapagos Islands Yacht Tours: Visiting Sites where Boat Cruises can’t go

Galapagos Islands Yacht Tours: Visiting Sites where Boat Cruises can’t go

Since there are no natural predators in the whole archipelago, tourists enjoy a life adventure in Galapagos Islands! About 19 islands and some islets will make your trip unforgettable, apart from the fact that these volcanic islands are one of the most wanted places to visit on Earth!


The National Park has a restricted number of passengers to preserve the archipelago: no more than 100 passengers can disembark on a beach to visit each place. In this article you will see things that you won’t enjoy inside a cruise but walking around:


1.Isabela (Albemarle) and its penguins

In Albemarle, Tagus Cove has the largest Galapagos penguin population. Most of the cruises go to the central/southern islands, so remember to include this western island on your checklist before you choose your tour package.


2.Albatross in Española (Hood)

3.The Wall of Tears in Isabela (Albemarle)

This is a former penal colony built in Albemarle by the same prisoners who lived and were punished there. Nowadays it’s just the remnants of a stone wall, but the story behind it and its name will leave a big impression on you.


4.Tortoise Breeding Centers in Santa Cruz (Indefatigable), Isabela (Albemarle) and San Cristóbal (Chatham)

5. Marine iguanas in Fernandina (Narborough)

The biggest colony of Marine iguanas is in Fernandina. You can also see a huge colony of sea lions in Punta Suárez.

  • Fernandina is the youngest island of the entire archipelago. It is also the most volcanically active spot, so you could have the chance of seeing the volcanoes there!


6. Lava tunnels in Santa Cruz (Indefatigable)

The exterior skin of these tunnels was formed by the solidified molten lava from volcanoes, which magma continued flowing, creating these tunnels. To visit them, you will need to crawl a little bit.


7.Pinnacle Rock in Bartolomé (Bartholomew)

This is one of the most identifiable spots in Galapagos. It is formed by the eroded lava from an erupted underwater volcano. Your pictures here will be amazing!


Remember to book your Galapagos Islands Tours one year in advance! If you book later, you may not enjoy as much as you would like. Check our available tours in our website!


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