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Ecuador Tours: Top 10 best places to visit

Ecuador Tours: Top 10 best places to visit

Surrounded by volcanic mountains, a vast lush rainforest and the astonishing Pacific coastline, it is well-known that Ecuador is one of the most attractive countries to visit if you are looking for a life-changing experience. Throughout this Top 10 best places to visit in Ecuador, you will find a wonderful range of touristic attractions and fascinating natural scenarios you wouldn’t want to miss.


From its magical tropical forests to its ancient colonial cities, this country brings a mixture of charms for all type of visitors:


1. Galapagos Islands:

Great biodiversity reserve that consists of thirteen volcanic islands and more than a hundred islets where approximately two thousand endemic species live, including the legendary giant tortoises.


2. Baños de Agua Santa:

Mystical town related to healing properties and religious catholic beliefs, it is intimately linked with the highly active Tungurahua volcano.


3. Cotopaxi:

Striking snow-covered volcano and second-highest mountain peak in the area. It is one of the few glaciers located along the equator.


4. Tena:

Vital terminal and point of transportation for jungle expeditions into the Amazon, and it is one of the best places in the country to go white water rafting.


5. Quito:

Vibrant nightlife in a charming old town acknowledged for its sacred temples, baroque monuments and extraordinary colonial architecture.


6. Ciudad Mitad del Mundo:

Tract of land owned by the prefecture of the province which contains the Monument to the Equator, that highlights the specific location of the imaginary line that divides the Earth.


7. Amazon:

Mega diverse zone for navigating rivers, hiking in the jungle, spotting an extraordinary number of species and sharing with ancestral indigenous communities.


8. Malecon 2000:

Beating heart of youthful energy, this lively river walk includes a selection of museums and gastronomy that condenses the uplifting atmosphere of the country. This is the finest place to have a first-rate meal and purchasing souvenirs from Ecuador.


9. Montañita:

Spirited little village, where you can find a number of nice resorts and some of the most stunning Oceanside properties. It is also an amazing option for people from all around the world who want to learn to surf.


10. Cuenca:

‘Land as big as heaven’. Home to beautiful colonial and republican buildings, bordered by a show of cobbled streets, colorful balconies and ancient squares.


As you can see Ecuador tourism encompasses different types of activities to amuse yourself whether you are looking for adventure or just appreciating nature’s most beautiful landscapes. Do not hesitate to visit this wonderful country on your next trip.

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