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Best Ways to Experience the Amazonia Ecuador

Best Ways to Experience the Amazonia Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest brings a lot of sensations that not so many places in the world will give you with such intensity. There are so many animals, so much nature to appreciate, and the purest air from the whole world! It’s impossible not to visit this paradise.


Despite the fact that Ecuador has one of the shortest percentages of Amazon Rainforest, if compared to other South American countries like Brazil or Peru, it is also true that the Ecuadorian Amazonia has one of the highest percentages of biodiversity per square kilometer! So this is the perfect place for you: you’re going to enjoy a lot looking for rare species just as an experienced expeditioner.


Galapagos Center Expedition has chosen for you three routes that are considered the best ways to have the finest experience at the Amazonia in Ecuador:


1st route: Misahualli, Archidona, Tena and Puyo; The Door to Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest.


Come in an adventure full of natural landscapes, enchanted mountains, and lots of hummingbirds and other species. All of this in only one hour from the first of three days!

  • Inside Huasquila Reserve, enjoy from energy baths at a waterfall that will give you the peace you were looking for on a holiday like this!
  • Become a modern Indiana Jones and go for hidden treasures such as petrified fossils and other things inside the ground.
  • Listen to the natural music animals like frogs will play for you.
  • Visit an indigenous community and learn how they live only with the necessary, preserving their customs and traditions!
  • Have a journey to Papallacta and take a thermal bath to relax body and soul… much better than a common spa!


2nd route: Cuyabeno Reserve; Cuyabeno Expedition


Enjoy four days of pure, quiet waters that will transport you to fantasy places you never thought existed.


  • Come with us to Lago Agrio, where our people will be waiting for you to take you to a canoe in El Puente (The Bridge). There, a canoe will take you down Cuyabeno river until you arrive to the lodge you will be staying in.
  • Hike the forest, paddle the lagoons, and discover the ways Ecuadorian tribes have used plants to survive.
  • Inside the lagoons, you could see pink dolphins, so be always aware!
  • Discover more about our tribes (this time, Tarapuy tribe).
  • Canoe with us at night and you could be lucky to see an alligator!


3rd route: Kapawi Amazon Lodge & Safari Birding Reserve. Cultural Achuar Visit


Come with the Achuar community, which will be your hosts for five days at their Kapawi ecolodge, a place full of ecofriendly technologies that will make you feel the advantages of saving the planet from the damaging global warming.

  • The activities here are so many that it would be almost impossible to describe them in just some lines, so we preferred to leave them for you to discover them when you decide to join us!


These are the best options if you want to know such a biodiverse sanctuary as the Ecuadorian Amazon. Allow us to guide you into this fascinating journey and reach the best places without spending more than the necessary!

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