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Travel to the Galapagos Islands on a Budget

Travel to the Galapagos Islands on a Budget

How much do you need to travel to the most beautiful archipelago in the American continent? This and some more questions will be answered here, where you will know everything you need to visit a wonderful place like this without big expenses.


The Galapagos archipelago, Darwin’s living laboratory, is a great site to appreciate the best natural landscapes and friendliest species that will give you the best lifetime adventures. But many people think that traveling to places like this could be expensive, and that’s not true!


See here some recommendations to save money when you travel to Galapagos Islands:


1. How can you arrive to Galapagos?

Galapagos Islands are a territory located in South America, specifically in Ecuador, so the first thing you need will be arriving to Ecuador by plane.


  • There are many airplane options, so choose the cheapest one and get to Quito from any country.
  • Once you arrive to Quito, you will need to get to Galapagos. There are some options you would like to check before making your decision, such as staying there at a hotel or choosing a cruise.



2. What’s better: a hotel or a cruise?


That will depend on your budget and the comfort you want to experience during your trip to the archipelago.


Staying at a hotel will allow you to walk freely on the surroundings, but you have to be at a specified time to join the guides in the daily tours.


  • There are many hotels and hostels to pick; however, not all of them offer all the amenities that the tourists want, so you will have to study every possibility that Galapagos offers before choosing a hotel tour package.


Staying on a cruise is more comfortable, because you won’t have to worry about choosing a good hotel with the facilities you need: all the cruises that go to Galapagos have the basic services and much more to enjoy every day in a more intimate way.



3. What is included in our tours?


Galapagos Center Expedition offers you the possibility of choosing between staying at a hotel or on a cruise. The prices we include –depending on the package you prefer- are listed here:


  • All meals and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • All the excursions we offer.
  • A bilingual tour guide who will always be with you during the trip, certified by Galapagos National Park.
  • Transfers from and to the vessel/hotel if you arrive on our recommended flights.
  • The things you will need to pay apart are:
  • Tips for the different people who work on the trip.
  • Any foods or drinks not listed in our menus, as well as extra expenses.
  • The price of the airplane tickets to arrive to Ecuador.
  • The entrance fees to the National Park or the airplane tickets to arrive to Galapagos.
  • The Transit Card.
  • Your personal insurance/medication (recommended for all travelers).



4. What will you need, then?


After reading all of these opportunities, the only thing you have to bring is your will to visit the islands!

  • You will also need to plan your budget with time. Our packages are carefully chosen for you to enjoy each day without any worries, so the best you can do is pick one and save your money for the trip. Check our 2016 and 2017 offers!
  • Bring enough sunscreen: the sunlight is strong here!


Galapagos Center Expedition gives you the best possibilities to travel on a budget, so visit our web now to have more information!

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