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Travel to Ecuador: Planning Your Perfect Adventure

Travel to Ecuador: Planning Your Perfect Adventure

Ecuador has everything you want to see: fantastic beaches, tall mountains, colorful markets, amazing volcanoes, and kind people who will definitely make you feel comfortable. When traveling, there are many things you need to plan: your clothes, the days you will be there, the things you need to pack, and much more.


This is why Galapagos Center Expedition wants to help you in the preparation of your trip, not only with the things you need but also on what you need to do before and during the trip. See here the tips for a perfect trip to Ecuador:


1. When is the best time to visit Ecuador?

From May to December: It is the driest season of the year. But be careful: it will depend on the place you want to visit, so get some information before you visit the country.


2. Do you need a visa to enter the country?

No, if you won’t be there for more than 3 months or 90 days. It will also depend on the country you are from: most countries do not need a visa, but you should check before buying the plane ticket.


3. Transportation in Ecuador

If you prefer not to choose a tour, or you want to escape a little bit from the group, Ecuador has most of the ways of transportation you could think: taxis, buses, bicycles, boats, trains, and much more.


4. Pay some good travel insurance!

It is not necessary to be explained: if you want to feel safe inside a country that is not yours, where you don’t know anybody, and even the language barriers could be a major hassle, it’s better to be prudent and prevent anything that could happen. Contact your travel agency, there they will tell you the best option for you.


5. Emergency numbers

In case of any emergency, these are the numbers you need to dial inside Ecuador:

  • 911: Emergency (only for major cities)
  • 101: Police
  • 102: Firefighters
  • 104: Directory Assistance
  • 131: Ambulance


6. Things to pack

Ecuador is a tropical country, where only some places will be extremely cold and not all the year, so you won’t need but a warm coat, a scarf and a pair of gloves for cold seasons.


For hot-warm seasons –most of the regions, most of the year, bring light clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent (the country, just as all South America, is full of them), enough cash for tips and other expenses, and your medicines.


Ecuador is a place full of things to do, so they only thing you need to remember is that Galapagos Center Expedition has the tour packages for you to have one of the best experiences of a lifetime! You just pack your stuff and get ready: the rest will be on us!

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