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Travel to Ecuador: 5 Things you’ll Love

Travel to Ecuador: 5 Things you’ll Love

Here you’ll see why your trip to Ecuador will be a total 10 out of 10, wherever you want to go around the country. Check these 10 things you’ll love from this South American country located in the middle of the world.


1.The climate: it varies depending on the zone, but it’s always great!

The Panama currents and the Andean influences create seven different climate zones that include the wet Amazon Rainforest, the tropical climate they share with Colombia and the season-changing wet climate they share with Peru. The weather is mostly cool because of the winds that come from the Andean Range.


2.The people: “…strange and unique beings…”

ecuador coast region

Humble people who are going to make you feel better than home: the warmth they have is transmitted all over their bodies to every single being around them.


Just as the natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt stated many centuries ago, “Ecuadorians are strange and unique beings: they sleep peacefully surrounded by roaring volcanoes, they live poor among incomparable riches and they become happy listening to sad music.” This is exactly what makes Ecuadorians so special and lovable.

3. The only Avenue you will feel tempted to cross completely…


…but you will need more than walking skills to do so! That’s the famous “Avenue of the Volcanoes”, 200 miles from Quito, which was named after Humboldt visited this area. He called it “The Avenue of the Volcanoes” because it is between two cordilleras that are parallel and form a route that seems like an avenue. It has seven peaks higher than 17,000 feet… so crossing this ‘avenue’ might be easy only if you don’t dare to climb the tall ‘buildings’ it has!.


Humboldt himself attempted to climb some of these mountains like Chimborazo (in which he reached more than 5,000 meters without the proper equipment!)


4. Galápagos Islands… and here you say: “Oh, really?”



And we’ll answer: “Yes, of course… always!” It would be so pitiful not to mention one of the last natural reserves left on Earth, present in Ecuador.

The special thing about this archipelago is not that it is a natural reserve, but that it has one of the biggest and most varied biological diversities in the world, and animals there behave as if humans haven’t ever touched their ground!


5.Quito, a capital city plenty of culture and history


Quito is the capital city of Ecuador. The most interesting fact it has is that it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites inside the country due to the preservation of its streets and culture, which remain intact as time goes by.


  • Quito was founded in the 16th century over the ruins of the Inca civilization, at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters above the sea level.


  • The churches and monasteries in Quito are the best example of the Spanish influence on the country, mixed with other European inspirations and, of course, the indigenous influence that has never left.


Galapagos Center Expeditions wants you to explore all the beauties our astonishing country has for you. Travel to Ecuador now and live the best experience you will ever have. Wait for the second part, where you’ll discover 5 more facts you’ll love from Ecuador!

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