Planning a Day Tour to Otavalo - Galapagos Center
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Planning a Day Tour to Otavalo


Planning a Day Tour to Otavalo

Otavalo is another great town, very little but charming, and it’s located near Quito. Its market is its most representative spot, but there are some other places to discover here. Why don’t you come with us and have a day full of fun there?


Otavalo is near the capital city; the trip just takes 2 hours if you grab a bus from Quito, or less if you drive to the north by car on the Pan-American Highway. It has many connections to lots of towns in Ecuador.


1. Peguche Waterfall


If you want to have a journey full of nature, this is the right place to go! Peguche is far from the town, but only 45 minutes walking along the old railway tracks (or less time if you take a taxi) separate you from a great waterfall where you can have a refreshing bath.


  • Peguche is inside a place of religious importance for locals, and the path to the falls is surrounded by lovely woodlands.
  • The waterfall is 18 meters high, and your photos will have great panoramas from everywhere. It has a cool climate, and you can climb it from both of its sides if you want a good angle to take pictures.
  • There are some caves behind the falls, too. And best of all: it’s free!


2. Condor Park


It is located up on a hill, 4 kilometers far from the town, and there you can see the valleys and volcanoes that surround it.

This is a park full of raptors (such as condors, whose name entitles the park) and other birds that were rescued from illegal trafficking and captors whose only purpose is to get money from them. Some of these birds were injured, and now they have a sanctuary to recover themselves while giving you the best view of the clean, pure skies.


  • Come at 11:30 am or at 3:30 pm and see the raptor display.


3. Otavalo Market

Local food and colorful souvenirs can be found here. It is an amazing place to walk, talk to people and buy delicious dishes such as the famous pie and the seafood with rice and onions, called “encebollado” (fish topped with onion, which also has fried plantain and crunchy corn).


  • Otavalo locals are also famous for their textiles. Come to the market on a Saturday and enjoy the great “Plaza de los Ponchos” (Poncho Square), where you can buy blankets, ponchos, tablecloths, and much more!


Galapagos Center Expedition invites you to visit this wonderful little town, where you will feel safe and happy to share good moments with your family or friends. Eat the best pies and have a good time while watching the good views that only Ecuador has for you!


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