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Our Favorite Things about Ecuador

Our Favorite Things about Ecuador

South America has many countries you can visit, many activities to do and many foods and drinks to taste. Why tourists always have to choose countries such as Brazil, Peru or Argentina, if there’s a small country that has everything they need in one single place?


In Galapagos Center Expeditions we are proud to show you our favorite things about Ecuador to prove our point. Ecuador has attractive, tropical, or snowy places that amaze everyone, so all tourists want to repeat the experience once and once again!


1. Quito, a high capital city with surrounding volcanoes

The second world’s highest capital city is Quito. It is 9,350 feet above the sea level, and it has an active volcano out of the city, called Pichincha (but don’t be afraid, Quito has a secure protection in case it erupts).

  • There are excellent restaurants, hotels, hostels and places to visit.


You can also get on a cable car and reach a height of 15,000 feet to see the whole city at its best.

  • Near Quito you also have the famous Avenue of the Volcanoes, which includes Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Cayambe volcanoes, which are more than 18,000 feet, and if you are an experienced climber, you can touch the skies!


2. Ecuadorians are very friendly

Much more than in other popular South American cities and countries, the Ecuadorian inhabitants have a well-known fame of being humble and warm with strangers. They will welcome you as if you were their relatives! Of course, you mustn’t forget to take care of yourselves by being always aware: you will find thugs everywhere in South America; Ecuador is not an exception. But it’s a lot safer than other countries such as Brazil.

  • Moreover, most of Ecuador’s National Parks have their own tourist police: they will give you not only the best service they can, but also the best fun you can enjoy. They even have university degrees!
  • This is one of the reasons why Ecuador is one of the best, safest South American countries to visit.


3. Galapagos Archipelago and its constant search for nature preserving

Let’s make this clear… a trip to Ecuador would be incomplete if you don’t visit the Galapagos Islands! This is the world’s biggest natural laboratory, in constant evolution, where animals can live being free of worries about being chased by hunters.

  • The most relaxing days you could ever have are waiting for you in this paradise full of wonders.


4. The fantastic Amazon and its cloudy forests


The rainforest may appear fictional to those who haven’t been there. However, it does exist, and it’s so real that you will keep thinking it’s just your imagination playing tricks on you. The reason is its bright colors, its exotic fauna, and the many things you get to discover and do during your trip.


5. The greatest adventures, everywhere you look around

Wherever you go, you will enjoy many different things that could be relaxed or extreme: kayaking, walking around the jungle, eating the most exotic foods, or climbing high mountains! Whatever you do in Ecuador, we are sure you’re going to love it.


Galapagos Center Expeditions is your best option if you want to prove our points by yourself. Contact us now and check each one!

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