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New travel trends 2022


New travel trends 2022

During 2020, 2021, and most likely 2022, the word travel will have a different meaning. Previously, the doubts about finding a place to travel to were whether it would be a beach or a mountain, which route would be the best, or where to stay; however, nowadays the restrictions of the pandemic are added.

This generated great changes and tourism, to recover, has as its main challenge the promotion of care and respect for the environment, helping to conserve biodiversity, natural resources and respecting the traditional and cultural values of society, all this is a set that we will call sustainable tourism.

Undoubtedly, sustainable tourism is here to stay, and the word SUSTAINABILITY has become a keyword. Not only in terms of travel, but in the new ways in which human beings have changed their lives.

The whole world is analyzing the new way of traveling in the post-pandemic era and this is when the “sustainable tourist” emerges, who goes from worrying about the protection of tourist sites, respect for the communities, the natural and cultural heritage of the place he/she is visiting.

In addition, sustainability linked to safety appears, protocols to guarantee safe flights and stays around the world emerge, however, proximity tourism grows and activities such as ecotourism, rural tourism, sustainable tourism, spa, yoga, or meditation increase, in an environment where travelers are more committed to society and the planet.

Therefore, people have sought new travel trends and have discovered how valuable it can be to travel in a different way, so travelers must take into account the ecological aspect when planning their trip, the same as with the tourism industry who must create a change of consciousness when offering their products and services looking for opportunities to use the pandemic as a link to turn the tourism industry into a sustainable and resilient sector to crises.



Sustainable tourism invites us to experience new travel trends, and these may be the ones mentioned below:

Travel consciously: travelers and adventurers will choose long-distance journeys to travel quietly, without haste, and for extended periods, they will want to pollute the environment as little as possible, looking for transportation and lodging alternatives.

Direct contact with nature: considered as the cure to relieve stress, reconnect, and recharge the body. It is always a good plan to get out of the routine and noise of the city, to live close to nature.

Tourism developed directly with nature is the basis for the progress of other types of tourism, among which are: Agrotourism, Ecotourism, and Adventure Tourism.

Slow Travel: it is travel without haste and with pause, travel without haste and slower. The priority of this type of tourism is to enjoy the experiences to the maximum before the destination. Get away from crowded places and enjoy the close, natural, and spontaneous, build relationships with local communities and learn from their traditions.



At first, it was understood as a practice of respect for the environment, encouraging the use of less polluting means of transport such as bicycles or choosing routes on foot.

It is characterized by innovation, carbon footprint reduction, increased wellbeing in the host communities, connection with nature, and cultural approach.

This has motivated people to opt for slow tourism, which means traveling in a more leisurely and sustainable way. The tourist’s willingness to reduce environmental impact is emphasized, there is a strong orientation towards experiential experience, authentic and meaningful experiences, greater interaction with the local population, and the search for wellbeing, as one of the main motivations for understanding this type of tourism.



People need to rest their minds, disconnect from routine, drive all kinds of trips, and some even choose to vacation in natural environments, but with all the comfort that a high-level hotel can offer. From this new way of understanding the tourist activity is born a trend known as glamping.

It is an alternative to camping, which combines comfort with luxury (in English, glamour), without leaving the natural environment aside. This is how CACAO GLAMPING was born, which are cabins built with sustainable construction materials and conservation of the biodiversity of green areas, allowing guests to sleep under the stars without having to be outdoors.

Inside the rooms, you will find comfortable beds, spaces designed for everyone to feel under the best standards of quality, safety, and exclusivity.

Find more information about Cacao Glamping at and enjoy this new way of traveling, where you will experience sustainable tourism at its best.

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