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Into the Wild! 10 Amazing Animals found in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

Into the Wild! 10 Amazing Animals found in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

Animals are the best entertainment you will find in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. There are so many species that time will go by so quickly and you will not have enough of them!


Why the Amazon is so amazing? There are many reasons. The first one is that it is the biggest air producer in the whole planet; it has one of the world’s most numerous flora species, and, of course, it has been considered one of the most endangered places on Earth.


All of these reasons show you why tourism in the Amazon is so necessary, but one of the most important reasons is the fauna, which is so special and assorted.


How many species of animals are there in the Ecuadorian Amazon?

There are, in only one hectare, at least 2,000 species of animals or more, divided into:

  • 427 species of mammals,
  • 1300 species of birds,
  • 800 species of fish,
  • 387 species of reptiles, and
  • More than 400 species of amphibians.

Find here 10 animals that will make you get into the wild!


1. Eagles

The owners of the sky, eagles are all around Central and South America, too.

  • Harpy eagles are endangered by the human beings and their desire for expanding their territories. The whole Amazon basin has been endangered by these actions.


2. Jaguars

These are no common cats, but the most powerful felines in the whole continent and the world’s third ones, only behind lions and tigers. However, their jaws have the strongest bite of all the species, and can pierce hard things such as a skull!

  • They are the real kings of the jungle in America.


3. Bats

More than 100 species of these mammals can be found here, turning them into the largest group of animals in the whole Ecuadorian Amazon!

  • There are many differences between them: some drink other mammals’ blood, some others eat fruit, another group eats insects…


4. Macaws

These are the largest parrots ever, and they are native from South America.

  • Macaws are social parrots; they usually visit clay licks and rest near a river shore, in tall trees. They can even imitate human sounds and words!


5. Piranhas

6. Sloths

These are the cutest animals ever; you may have seen a sloth on the Internet memes. Sloths are really slow due to their metabolism: it takes them a month to digest food!

  • They sleep at least 10 hours daily.


7. Capybaras

Their most common and closer relatives are rock cavies and guinea pigs. They are native to South America, they have been also seen in the US because maybe they escaped from their owners!

  • Even though they are not endangered, they are specially hunted for their meat, grease (for pharmaceutical purposes) and hide.


8. Anacondas

Being the most powerful snakes ever, anacondas are also the largest and heaviest of their species. They are also famous for their ability to eat hundreds of pounds in food!

  • They grow until the very last day, and their babies can be each 2 feet.


9. Dolphins

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