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Ecuador Travel Guide FAQs

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Ecuador Travel Guide FAQs

There may be many questions you could ask yourself before traveling to this great country: when should be the best time to go to Ecuador, if it is a safe country, and much more. All of your questions are answered here!


It’s impossible to visit a new country, with a different culture and foods, without looking for the best options and information before traveling. This is why we want you to check our list of frequently asked questions, which will leave you a good impression about the country and will convince you that Ecuador is a great country to spend your holidays.


See here some recommendations to save money and make the best of your trip to take advantage of every day you will be traveling with Galapagos Center Expeditions:


1. Is Ecuador a safe country to visit?

It definitely is. Ecuador has been ranked by many expeditioners and foreign inhabitants as the best world’s country to live and make a life. Of course, there are thieves, but mention a place in which they don’t exist! Nevertheless, Ecuador has a low rate on this point.


  • Be careful and listen to your tour guides, they know everything about Ecuador because they are locals and they have been trained for years to protect their tourists from most dangers. Avoid protests, be especially careful with thieves in the airport or bus stops because they are really clever.


2. Do you recommend travel insurance?

Yes. Check in your country what the best option is, but never travel to any country without insurance!


3. What do I need to pack?

Depending on the places you will visit during your trip, the best is to pack for a cold climate, because most places in Ecuador are cold or cool. Pack light clothes, a sweater, a poncho for the rainy days, boots if you want to walk or hike, sunglasses if you go to Galápagos Islands, a good repellent, and your personal medication.


  • Don’t forget to bring US dollars: it is the currency in Ecuador, and it is used for absolutely everything!
  • There are ATMs everywhere in Quito, but in other places it is more difficult to find them, so bring cash for personal expenses, entrance fees, extra taxes or tips.


4. Is there any flexibility on your tours?

That will depend on your budget and the tour you choose. Cruises are not so flexible because there are a few ones.


5. Can I travel alone/in groups?

Yes… and yes. Both coming alone or in groups is possible. Just check the availability of the tour you want to choose.


  • Kids can travel, too! Check the minimum age and any special condition your children may have before hiring us.


6. What types of food could I taste there?

Many types are available. Ecuadorians eat meat, corn, seafood, and more! Their diet is based on many foods, including even chontacuros, worms from the jungle which are delicious!


7. How can I arrive to Ecuador and travel once there?

Arrive to Ecuador by plane. International airfare is not included, and once you arrive, the transportation you choose will be included or not depending on the tour package you chose. Anyway, transportation in Ecuador is varied: from private cars/vans and buses to planes or even canoes if you want to go to the Amazon.


8. When’s the best time to travel to Ecuador?

Any time is perfect. But then again, depending on the place you want to go, there are some periods that are better than others. Check your right destination and we will tell you!


Galapagos Center Expeditions is always aware of our tourists’ needs, so if you have any other question or suggestion, contact us now and we will include it in this FAQ guide!

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