Change your perspective at Ecuador travel, learn, respect! - Galapagos Center
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Change your perspective at Ecuador travel, learn, respect!

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Change your perspective at Ecuador travel, learn, respect!

Have you ever wondered how different we are from one country to another? From one culture to another?

We were told once “Why do everyone think they are all so special? That men don’t smile the same way in the Americas than as they do on the Middle East. That children from Africa don’t play the same games and imagine the same stories as children in Asia. That mothers in Europe don’t love their kids the same way as mothers in the Caribbean. If you have the chance to travel to new countries, go and speak with different people, with different cultures, go and see for yourself that we are all connected in a way that goes beyond geographic regions, religions, beliefs, genders, ages, races, languages or any of those groupings we use to describe ourselves. We are all humans, and we all share the same feelings, the same dreams, the same love towards those who are important for us. Don’t focus on what’s different, but in what we share. Discover life through the eyes of your peers, connect with that vision through what you share, and only then will you truly enjoy what travelling is about”.


We invite you to visit our local communities, learn from them and see how this is all so true. We are sure this experiences will let us all deepen the bond we have with the universe, a bond that will allow us to understand one another and realize that, since we are not so different, we can live together in harmony.

We Love What We Do!