Best of Ecuador on a 4-Night Tour - Galapagos Center
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Best of Ecuador on a 4-Night Tour

Best of Ecuador on a 4-Night Tour

Depending on the tour package you choose, you can enjoy different activities that will make you feel the plenitude of traveling to a new country, the best one to make a life according to many foreign inhabitants. See what you can do in Ecuador, in only four days!



From visiting the monument that represents the world’s two equal halves to visiting the most important volcanoes in the country, you can enjoy four days of pure fun with Galapagos Center Expeditions.


1. Best Value Tour

In this tour you will visit the Equatorial Monument “Mitad del Mundo” (The World’s Halves). It is a tour that will take from Quito, the capital city, to the exact point in which the two hemispheres of the planet are divided. It is for this reason that the line is called “Ecuador” (Equator in English).


  • In this place you will be able to look beautiful surroundings full of mountains and landscapes that will leave you breathless, apart from being able to stand in the exact line that divides the Earth in two!
  • You can also have the option of visiting the Ethnographic/Intiñan museum, which has a closer marker to the Equator line, five minutes from the representative but inexact monument.


2. Quito Tour


You should know that four days are not enough to visit the whole city, but they are enough to go to the most important places inside, such as the bus station that will take you to other regions and even the Amazon, or the colonial area.


Remember that Quito is one of the most ancient capital cities in the world, since it has taken special care on preserving historical sites and, of course, the ethnical indigenous cultures mixed with the colonizing Spanish culture, architecture and history. Quito is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for this reason.


  • Panecillo Hill is the best places to have a panoramic view of the whole city.
  • The mix of foods and cultures is better possible to appreciate in Quito!


3. Cotopaxi Volcano Tour

From Quito you can go to the Avenue of the Volcanoes, where you can admire the amazing Andean mountain range and relax while eating the best Andean food or hiking the different mountains you will have the chance to see.


  • Go to the Avenue of Volcanoes in a great train that will take you from Quito to Guayaquil and back!


4. Otavalo Tour


Go to Otavalo and see one of the most important indigenous markets, where you will be able to buy beautiful and colorful textiles such as blankets or ponchos. At Peguche you can also buy handmade products, eat delicious foods and clothes while sharing with Otavalo’s friendly people.


  • There you can visit the Cuicocha Lagoon and the Cotacachi Village.


5. Papallacta Tour

Visit the best thermal hot springs of Ecuador! If you want to be pampered with hot, healing waters, this is your spot. The termas (therms) are a unique place where you can relax at a spa and resort that is believed to cure your pains with mineral waters heated by the surrounding volcanoes.


Galapagos Center Expeditions is your best choice if you want to know Ecuador from a closer point of view. Visit it now and discover why Ecuador is the best country to make tourism!

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