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8 Things you Didn’t Know About Ecuador

8 Things you Didn’t Know About Ecuador

In Galapagos Center Expedition, we have shown you many things about Ecuador and why you should come with us to discover them. Now we will show you some facts that you will find great to understand why Ecuador has to be your next plan these and all of your holidays!


Ecuador is more than the Galapagos Islands, more than the historical city of Quito, and of course, more than the Equator line that divides the Earth in two halves. Here are 8 fun facts that will amaze you:


1. It is a megadiverse place

Ecuador belongs to the group of 17 countries considered ‘megadiverse’ in the whole world.

  • But here’s the real fact: Imagine a square kilometer full of trees, animals, water, pure air and just nature; to be enjoyed… you’re going to find it in Ecuador! The biggest biodiversity percentage per square kilometer of any country in the entire planet.


2. The first places in UNESCO’s WHS list are from Ecuador

Do you know that famous list of World Heritage Sites? Well, Ecuador has the first two places in history: the first UNESCO World Heritage conference, celebrated in 1978, nominated the Galapagos Islands as #1 and Quito as #2.



3. Guinea pigs are food

Yup. Guinea pigs (or ‘cuys’, as locals know them) are a total delicacy in Ecuador (just as insects in China) They taste really good: eating them is an ancient tradition), so if you visit us and you are offered some guinea pig, don’t refuse it!


4. Panama hats are actually made in Ecuador

Yup once more. They are called ‘Panama’ hats since they were sold to the Panama Canal workers. But they were woven by Ecuadorian hands, not Panamanian!

  • Once the Canal was finished and opened, these hats were sold to all of those foreign tourists that visited the Canal, who were confused about their nationality and named them ‘Panama’ hats.


5.The bananas you eat may be Ecuadorian

Totally true, since Ecuador is one of the largest banana exporters: it is the 5th world producer with 8 million tons, 6% of the total world production. Del Monte and Dole are some of the companies that buy them around the Earth.



6. Wanting to move? Come to Ecuador!

Ecuador has been a great place to live. It has been chosen as one of the best countries –and the best for some years- to live in a second homeland.

  • Many reasons such as the environment, the cost of living and the quality of life are more than enough proof for expats to say so.


7.  14 languages found in one single place

And that’s at least! Spanish is their official language, but other 13 languages, mostly indigenous, belong to Ecuador.


8. Its national tree contains a helpful drug

Cinchona, Ecuador’s national tree, produces Quinine. It was used to prevent and treat malaria for the first time!

And there are more things to discover! Wait for more fun facts, and remember: Galapagos Center Expedition is your best choice if you want to explore this fascinating country!


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